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Please note the rooms where the various sessions will be held:
- Registration: Outside Salón de grados PT-0.B.06
- Keynote and Plenary Sessions: Salón de Grados PT-0.B.06
- Even-numbered sessions and S1: Salón de Grados PT-0.B.06
- Odd-numbered sessions: PT-0.A.02

Day 1 Tuesday (11 July)
Opening Ceremony
Plenary Talk: Prof. Ajay Kumar Associate Professor Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Advances and Challenges in the Development of Next Generation Biometrics Technologies
Chair: Sergio A Velastin
Plenary Talk: Prof. Ricardo Contreras Associate Professor and Vice-Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
Metaheuristics for Pattern Recognition
Chair: Sergio A Velastin
Coffee Break and Posters

Poster List
P44 Automatic Classification of seismic signals of the Chilean Llaima Volcano using Cartesian Genetic Programming based Artificial Neural Network: Gulrukh Khattak, Muhammad Salman Khan, Gul Muhammad khan, Fernando Huenupan, Millaray Curilem (University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan; Universidad de La Frontera, Chile)
P49 Tensor-Space Similarity Measure for Image Analysis: Adib Akl, Charles Yaacoub (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon)
P79 Ground Surface Pattern Recognition with Hidden Markov Models for Low Cost Positioning Improvement: Martin Schweigler, Marco Grochowski, Sujan Tamrakar, Stefan Kowalewski (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
P43 A blood orange computer vision sorting system: Sajad Sabzi, Yousef Abbaspour-Gilandeh, Juan Ignacio Arribas (University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Iran; Universidad de Valladolid, Spain)
P54 Linear Unmixing for Subsurface Estimation on Coastal Shallow Water: Emmanuel Carpena-Colón, Luis O Jiménez-Rodríguez, Emmanuel Arzuaga-Cruz (University of Puerto Rico, USA)
P68 Segmentation of Microscopic Images for Pollen Grains Detection: Elisabete M D S Santos, Andre R S Marcal (Universidade do Porto, Portugal)
P93 Automatic video analysis of stage IV European lobster juveniles for their aggressive behavior assessment: Sheng Yan, Jo Arve Alfredsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
P39 Optimisation of Pick and Place System by Evolutionary Algorithm to Facilitate its Implementation and its Use: Pierre Willaume, Pierre Parrend, Etienne Gancel, Aline Deruyver (Université de Strasbourg, France)
P92 A new descriptor for writer identification based on B-splines: Verónica Aubin, Marco Mora, Matilde Santos (Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, Argentina; Universidad Católica del Maule, Chile; Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
Tutorial: Prof. Ajay Kumar Associate Professor Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Mobile and Ubiquitous Personal Identification using Contactless Finger Knuckle Biometrics
Applications (S1)
18:00-18:20 P86 Automated Identification Method for Detection and Clasification of Neotropical Bats: Adrian Tonatiuh Ruiz, Kirsten Jung, Marco Tschapka, Friedhelm Schwenker, Guenther Palm (Ulm University, Germany)
18:20-18:40 P77 Classification of Volcanic Seismic Events: an Expert Knowledge analysis for Feature Selection: M. Curilem, A. Cuevas, R. Soto, F. Huenupan, C.S. Martin, M. Salman Khan, F. Gil, C. Cardona, L. Franco (Universidad de La Frontera, Chile; University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan; Observatorio Vulcanológico de los Andes Sur,Chile)
18:40-19:00 P76 Evaluation of Correction Methods of Lateral Chromatic Aberration in Digital Eye Fundus Images: Vytautas Jakstys, Virginijus Marcinkevicius, Povilas Treigys (Vilnius University, Lithuania)

Day 2 Wednesday (12 July)
Plenary Talk: Prof. Dr. Elmar Wolfgang Lang, Computational Intelligence & Machine Learning Group, University Regensburg, Germany
Biomedical Image and Signal Analysis: A versatile playground for Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Techniques
Chair: Pedro Gómez-Vilda
Biometrics (S2), Chair: Elmar W. Lang
10:00-10:20 P83 Facial Expression Recognition from Video using Geometric Features: Yacine Yaddaden, Mehdi Adda, Abdenour Bouzouane, Sebastien Gaboury, Bruno Bouchard (University of Quebec, Canada)
10:20-10:40 P71 On the Analysis of Keystroke Recognition Performance based on Proprietary Passwords: Javier Hernandez-Ortega, Alejandro Acien, Aythami Morales, Julian Fierrez, Ruben Vera-Rodriguez, Javier Ortega-Garcia (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
10:40-11:00 P78 Predicting Age Groups from Touch Patterns based on Neuromotor Models: Javier Hernandez-Ortega, Aythami Morales, Julian Fierrez, Alejandro Acien (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
11:00-11:20 P85 ResFace: Embedding System for Face Re-Identification and Multi-Face Multi-Camera Tracking in Crowd: Seyed Ali Miraftabzadeh, Paul Rad, Mo Jamshidi (University of Texas, USA)
Image Analysis (S3), Chair: Louahdi Khoudour
10:00-10:20 P51 Head Pose Estimation for Football Videos by using Fixed Wide Field-of-View Camera: Shinsuke Yokozawa, Masaki Takahashi, Hideki Mitsumine, Tomoyuki Mishina (NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan)
10:20-10:40 P64 Monitoring of in-vitro plant cultures using digital image processing and Random Forests: David Mestre, José M. Fonseca, André Mora (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
10:40-11:00 P99 Practical Calibration of Actuated Multi-DOF Camera Systems: Frank Neuhaus, Stephan Manthe, Dietrich Paulus (University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany)
Coffee Break and Posters (see above for full list)
Remote Sensing (S4) Chair: André Mora
12:10-12:30 P80 Deep Learning for Cloud Detection: Matthieu Le Goff, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Herwig Wendt, Mathias Ortner, Marc Spigai (University of Toulouse and IRT Saint Exupery, France)
12:30-12:50 P102 Feature Selection for Hyperspectral Images using Single-Layer Neural Networks: Mateus Habermann, Vincent Fremont, Elcio Hideiti Shiguemori (Sorbonne Universités, France; CNRS, France; Brazilian Air Force, Brazil)
12:50-13:10 P88 Supervised Sparse-Representation Classification on Hyperspectral Images Using the City-Block Distance to Improve Performance: Fernando X. Arias, Emmanuel Arzuaga, Heidy Sierra, Luis O. Jiménez (University of Puerto Rico, USA)
13:10-13:30 P111 Tabu Search in multi-objetive clustering: M.B. Bernábe, M.A. Rodríguez, J. A Vanoye, R. González, M. Estrada (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo, Mexico)
Object Detection, Tracking & Recognition (S5), Chair: Kumar Punithakumar
12:10-12:30 P45 Efficiently Tracking Extremal Regions in Multichannel Images: Tobias Boettger, Christina Eisenhofer (MVTec Software GmbH, Germany)
12:30-12:50 P70 Extracting Human Settlement Footprint from Historical Topographic Map Series Using Context-Based Machine Learning: Johannes H. Uhl, Stefan Leyk, Yao-Yi Chiang, Weiwei Duan, Craig A. Knoblock ( University of Colorado Boulder and University of Southern California, USA)
12:50-13:10 P81 Multiresolution and Hierarchical Analysis of Astronomical Spectroscopic Cubes using 3D Discrete Wavelet Transform: Martín Villanueva, Mauricio Araya (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile)
13:10-13:30 P41 Situation-aware Framework for Moving Object Detection in Moving Cameras: Kimin Yun, Jongin Lim, Jin Young Choi (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and Seoul National University, Korea)
Lunch and Posters (see above for full list)
Plenary Talk: Dr. Emilia Barakova Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
First and Second Person Perspectives for Interactive Robots in Social Therapies
Chair: Daniel Palacios
Coffee Break and Posters (see above for full list)
Behaviour Analysis (S6), Chair: Emilia Barakova
17:00-17:20 P75 Emotion Estimation in Crowds: A Survey: Oscar J. Urizar, Emilia I. Barakova, Lucio Marcenaro, Carlo S. Regazzoni, Matthias Rauterberg (University of Genoa, Italy; Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands; University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
17:20-17:40 P52 Infrared Thermography Processing to Characterize Emotional Stress: A Pilot Study: Estibaliz Gomez de Mariscal, Arrate Munoz Barrutia, Jose de Frutos, Ana Pilar Gonzalez Marcos, Ana Maria Ugena Martinez (University Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
17:40-18:00 P50 Inter and Intra Class Correlation Analysis (IIcCA) for Human Action Recognition in Realistic Scenarios: Saima Nazir, Muhammad Haroon Yousaf , Sergio A. Velastin (University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan; University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
Data Mining (S7), Chair: Athanasios Tsanas
17:00-17:20 P46 Fast Case-Based Reasoning for Large-Scale Streaming Classification: S. Ramírez-Gallego, B. Krawczyk, S. García, M. Wozniak, J.M. Benítez, F. Herrera (University of Granada, Spain; Wrocław University of Technology, Poland)
17:20-17:40 P97 Mixed membership models for source separation of spectral lines: Marcelo Mendoza, Alejandro Barrientos, Mauricio Solar, Mauricio Araya (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María and Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter telescope Array (ALMA), Chile)
17:40-18:00 P67 Neural networks on galaxy pattern recognition: Ricardo Contreras, Gabriel Salazar, M. Angélica Pinninghoff, Neil Nagar (University of Concepción, Chile)

Day 3 Thursday (13 July)
Tutorial: Salvador García and Sergio Ramírez-Gallego Dept. Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence, Research group "Soft Computing and Intelligent Information Systems", University of Granada, Spain
Big Data: Technologies, Algorithms and Applications
Coffee Break and Posters (see above for full list)
Deep Learning (S8), Chair: Marcelo Mendoza
12:00-12:20 P59 Context Awareness in shared human-robot Environments: Benefits of Environment Acoustic Recognition for User Activity Classification: Francisco J. Rodriguez Lera, Vicente Matellan Olivera, Francisco Martin Rico (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidad de León, Spain)
12:20-12:40 P56 Learning and Recognizing Human Action from Skeleton Movement with Deep Residual Neural Networks: Huy-Hieu Pham, Louahdi Khoudour, Alain Crouzil, Pablo Zegers, Sergio A. Velastin (Centre d’Etudes et d’Expertise sur les Risques, l’Environnement, la Mobilité et l’Aménagement (CEREMA), France; Université Paul Sabatier, France; Universidad de los Andes, Chile; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
12:40-13:00 P65 Motorcycle Classification in Urban Scenarios using Convolutional Neural Networks for Feature Extraction: Jorge E. Espinosa, Sergio A. Velastin, John W. Branch (Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid and Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
13:00-13:20 P98 New Deep Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Pedestrian Detection: Carlos Ismael Orozco, María Elena Buemi, Julio Jacobo Berlles (Universidad Nacional de Salta and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Medical PR (S9), Chair: Elmar W. Lang
12:00-12:20 P103 Automatic 3D segmentation of low-grade glioma in MRI images: A. Boudrioua, R. Zaouche, A. Belaid, S. Aloui, D. Ben Salem, S. Tliba (Université Abderrahmane Mira de Bejaia, Algeria; CHRU Brest, France)
12:20-12:40 P82 Convolutional Neural Network Based Automated Segmentation for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome MRI: Kumaradevan Punithakumar, Nazanin Tahmasebi, Pierre Boulanger, Michelle Noga (Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and University of Alberta, Canada)
12:40-13:00 P58 Segmentation of CSF, White and Gray Matter tissue using Fuzzy-possibilistic clustering: Case study on Alzheimer's disease: Lilia Lazli, Mounir Boukadoum, Otmane Ait Mohamed (University of Quebec, Canada)
13:00-13:20 P90 Vascular Bifurcation Detection by Symmetric Analysis of Eigenvalues: Israr Ul Haq, Syahril Siregar, Ryo Nagaoka, Yoshifumi Saijo (Tohoku University, Japan)
Lunch and Posters (see above for full list)
Voice and Speech (S10)
15:30-15:50 P101 Can Subdivision Methods Play a Role in Formant Extraction?: Juan-Luis Garcia-Zapata, Juan-Carlos Diaz-Martin (Universidad de Extremadura, Spain)
15:50-16:10 P60 Exploring Pause Fillers in Conversational Speech for Forensic Phonetics: Findings in a Spanish Cohort Including Twins: A. Tsanas, E. San Segundo, P. Gomez-Vilda (University of Edinburgh and University of Oxford, UK; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
Statistical PR (S11), Chair: J.M. Molina
15:30-15:50 P94 Arabic word spotting based on key-points features: Hamza Ghilas, Meriem Gagaoua, Abdelkamel Tari, Mohamed Cheriet (Université de Bejaia, Algeria; Ecole de Technologie Supérieure-Montréal, Canada)
15:50-16:10 P61 Forecasting Customer Behaviour in Constrained E-Commerce Platforms: Eric Michael Smith, Alfredo Nantes, Andrew Hogue, Ilia Papas (Blue Apron Inc., USA)
16:10-16:30 P87 Handwritten Digit Recognition under Constrained Training Conditions: Mossad Helali, Abdulelah Alneghaimish, Irfan Ahmad (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia)
Plenary Talk: Prof. Francisco Herrera , Dept. Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence, Research group "Soft Computing and Intelligent Information Systems", University of Granada, Spain.
Data Preprocessing and Augmentation for Deep Learning
Chair: Daniel Palacios
Best Papers/Poster Prizes
Final Words by General Chair

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