The videos contained in the download files below are a ground truth for research purposes. Peoples head have been annotated frame per frame in an .xgtf(xml) file. In the tar.gz file you will find a .mpg video and a .xgtf file corresponding to the video. This informations can be used to compare to a computer vision algorithm. The negative and positive files are results from an other test.

The videos are taken from the 2008/Overview/0mm(floor height)/800mm(door width) dataset. If you want to download the whole raw data please click on the the links below.
Ground-truthed videos from 2008 dataset

Ground truthed data: alight
Process Door width Height Video Ground truth Positive id Negative id
Alight 800mm 0mm A_d800mm_R1.mpg A_d800mm_R1.xgtf pos1.tar.gz neg1.tar.gz
Alight 800mm 0mm A_d800mm_R2.mpg A_d800mm_R2.xgtf pos2.tar.gz neg2.tar.gz
Alight 800mm 0mm A_d800mm_R3.mpg A_d800mm_R3.xgtf pos3.tar.gz neg3.tar.gz
Alight 800mm 0mm A_d800mm_R4.mpg A_d800mm_R4.xgtf pos4.tar.gz neg4.tar.gz
Alight 800mm 0mm A_d800mm_R5.mpg A_d800mm_R5.xgtf pos.tar5.gz neg.tar5.gz
Alight 800mm 0mm A_d800mm_R6.mpg A_d800mm_R6.xgtf pos6.tar.gz neg6.tar.gz
Alight 800mm 0mm A_d800mm_R7.mpg A_d800mm_R7.xgtf pos7.tar.gz neg7.tar.gz
Alight 800mm 0mm A_d800mm_R8.mpg A_d800mm_R8.xgtf pos8.tar.gz neg8.tar.gz

Groud truthed data: board
Process Door width Height Video Ground truth Positive id Negative id
Board (without oyster) 800mm 0mm B_No_d800mm_R1.mpg B_No_d800mm_R1.xgtf pos1.tar.gz neg1.tar.gz
Board (without oyster) 800mm 0mm B_No_d800mm_R2.mpg B_No_d800mm_R2.xgtf pos2.tar.gz neg2.tar.gz
Board (without oyster) 800mm 0mm B_No_d800mm_R3.mpg B_No_d800mm_R3.xgtf pos3.tar.gz neg3.tar.gz
Board (without oyster) 800mm 0mm B_No_d800mm_R4.mpg B_No_d800mm_R4.xgtf pos4.tar.gz neg4.tar.gz
Board (without oyster) 800mm 0mm B_No_d800mm_R5.mpg B_No_d800mm_R5.xgtf pos5.tar.gz neg5.tar.gz
Board (without oyster) 800mm 0mm B_No_d800mm_R6.mpg B_No_d800mm_R6.xgtf pos6.tar.gz neg6.tar.gz
Board (without oyster) 800mm 0mm B_No_d800mm_R7.mpg B_No_d800mm_R7.xgtf pos7.tar.gz neg7.tar.gz