Goals of the project

The objective of the project is to study passenger behaviour and its relation to the environment, as they get on and off a public transport vehicle, in this case a full-scale metropolitan train model.

Acquisition details: PAMELA laboratory
(PAMELA laboratory official website)


Different platform configurations.

Because it is a space based on mountable modules, it can be used to model different surfaces, heights and gradients. The modules have an area of 1.2 m² giving a total laboratory capacity of 80 m² with different standards.


Different types of lighting.

It has diverse types of lighting (mercury, sodium, etc.) with the possibility of regulating their intensity and also, thanks to its movable light panels, generate a natural environment. This allows recreation of open spaces in full light, with focused light (light interference or urban lighting) or moonlight darkness.


PAMELA has a sophisticated system of ambient noise effects thanks to small speakers in phase that deliver either a surround or localized sound. It uses the speaker system sending disc-shaped waves, delivering sound in all directions from a single point of emission. It also has a system that can create a movable sound source around the laboratory, allowing to simulate cars, trains, planes and even people. All of this maximises natural people behaviour in the models.

Video recording

Different camera views.

The recording system of the laboratory allows visualization of different angles, which can be horizontal, oblique, aerial or panoramic.